Recruiters of teachers, social workers, nurses and doctors

One World Professionals specialise in providing supply teaching , medical, and social care staff.

Our recruiters are past educators, medical personnel, and social workers, who understand the needs of both staff and clients, and are very efficient at attending to those needs.

We create synergy which results in high productivity

Our Professionals

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One World Teachers

One World Teachers and teaching assistants are fully vetted, experienced, and qualified.  Whether they are recruited nationally or internationally, One World always ensure that only the best and the brightest are recruited.

One World Social Workers

 One World Social Workers are all recruited and supplied only within  the Greater London and Croydon area.  Our Social Workers are industrious and caring.  Their fervent aim is to improve the quality of the lives of those for whom they provide care.

One World Doctors

One World Doctors have a wealth of experience.  They are committed to making a difference wherever they are called.  Our Doctors are recruited from within Europe and abroad.  They are fully licensed, competent and qualified to work within the UK.

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One World Nurses

One World Nurses are dedicated and caring.  They are equipped with unique skill sets which have been gathered from years of nursing.  Our nurses are recruited both within the UK and abroad.  They are all very qualified, experienced and committed.